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As of December 1, 2022, Reserve National Insurance Company (formerly known as Kemper Health) is part of the Medical Mutual family of companies and is no longer affiliated with the Kemper Corporation family of companies.
The Kemper and Kemper Health trademarks and similar or derivative trademarks are temporarily being used by Reserve National Insurance Company under license from Kemper Corporation.
Frequently Asked Questions
When can my policy become effective?
With a quarterly, semi-annual or annual initial premium, you may request your policy to be effective anytime from the application date, to 60 days after the application date, pending underwriting approval.
Can I save money by paying my premiums annually?
Yes! If you are in a position to pay your premiums annually, we do offer a discount.
Can my policy be canceled by the company?
No! All of our policies have a renewal safeguard feature. The only way you can be canceled is if you fail to pay the premium within the grace period, or all of the same type of policies within the state are canceled.
How long will it take to receive my policy?
This depends on the type of coverage you have applied for, and the length of time it takes to obtain medical records, if needed. Typically, your new policy along with your identification cards should arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.
Who else in this area is covered?
Due to HIPAA privacy laws now in place, we are unable to disclose this information. As one of our policyholders, your privacy would be protected by these same laws..
Who is Reserve National Insurance? I have never heard of your company.
Reserve National Insurance Company has been in business since 1956. We have an A-Excellent rating for financial security from AM Best — a leading insurance company rating firm, and we have thousands of satisfied policyholders all over the country. Our parent company is Medical Mutual of Ohio.
The AM Best rating of A – (Excellent) is currently under review with developing implications relating to the December 1, 2022 sale of Reserve National to Medical Mutual of Ohio. Rating refers to the overall financial status of the company and is not a recommendation of the specific policy provisions, rates or practices. For the latest rating, access
What happens when I reach Medicare age?
You will have the option to switch your coverage to one of our very competitive Medicare Supplements without proving insurability. Depending on the type of coverage and your circumstances, you may decide to keep your other Reserve National coverage along with the Medicare Supplement.
At what age do my children come off of the policy?
With our policies you may generally keep your dependent children on your policy as long as you wish, or your dependent may convert to his/her own policy upon reaching age 19, whatever works best for you and your dependent.
Do you offer child-only coverage?
Yes! Our policies are able to be written on children of any age, regardless of parental/guardian coverage.
Can I change my benefits?
You may change your benefits to fit your needs, but some changes may be subject to underwriting.
Do I need a physical exam to qualify for insurance coverage?
We do not currently require a physical exam.
* Neither Medical Mutual of Ohio nor any of its other subsidiaries is responsible for the products of Reserve National.
This is a brief summary. Specific policy provisions and state requirements will control.