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What Our Customers Say
5 stars - based on 13 reviews
"We have had Reserve National Insurance for almost 20 years ...and have used it several times. We have always been pleased with the personalized service and the availability of our agent. We are self-employed and we really appreciate the help we've received from Reserve National, this is a company that does what they say they will do."
"Reserve National helped me get insurance when I was having problems getting insurance at a reasonable cost. I really appreciated how friendly everyone at their home office was, they made it easy to use the insurance."
"It's hard to believe that after one month on the policy, my husband would have his appendix burst and have to be hospitalized. I was a little nervous since we were only on the policy for one month and didn't know much about Reserve National. Now I know it is a stand-up company. I can't believe we actually received the checks before the actual hospital bill! I didn't think that ever happened."
"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a blessing your insurance policy has been to me. You are the first insurance company that I bought a health policy from that has actually done what they have told me they would. So, my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts."
"Reserve National has been good for us. They sold us insurance when others would not and their service has been great. Customer since 2000."
"I have a small antique business in Rosenberg, Texas and have had a policy with Reserve National for over five years. I have used the policy multiple times and Reserve National has paid the claims in a timely manner and has always been polite. I would recommend Reserve National."
"We are self-employed and health care cost has been a considerable part of our budget. We really appreciate the help we received from Reserve National. This is a company that does what they say. We have had Reserve National insurance for almost 20 years and have used it several times. We have always been pleased with the personalized service and the availability of our agent, as well as his willingness to help us out when we had questions."
"We have been insured by Reserve National since July 2005. My dealings with them have been efficient, professional and pleasant."
"My agent sold me a policy and two weeks later I went to the hospital with Hairy Cell Leukemia and bladder cancer. You guys paid everything you said you would, no qualms or balks. Whew! What a relief."
"I would highly recommend that every Small Business Owner have an accident policy from Reserve National. They did exactly what they said they would and there were no surprises."
"An insurance company is only as good as its agents and ours has been a great one! I especially appreciate his recent help with our policy in which he was extremely active in communicating with me and the home office. Few insurance agents take the time and effort ours did in helping their customers and it did not go unnoticed by us. As a policyholder of some 18 years, I can say our agent is one of the best and Reserve National is a better company for having him as their representative."
"We wish to express our gratitude to you for helping us when we least expected that you would. My husband got a shot for prostate cancer that was not covered under our policy in the 1st year of coverage because it was pre-existing. Yet you were able to save us $1,500 just because we're policyholders.
We know that we made the right decision choosing Reserve National as our medical insurance provider, and we're telling all of our friends what a wonderful thing you did for us. You came through for us during a very difficult time in our lives, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate it."
"My wife Pat was in the hospital for seven days. We had been told she had ovarian cancer. Needless to say our lives were shattered. But by the grace of God and a lot of prayers, she was cancer free. We had purchased a policy from you folks about three years ago and had never had to use it. We had no idea how well it would pay or not. She has a twenty-five hundred dollar deductible and we were concerned about being able to pay it. We had forgotten that when the agent sold us the policy, he made it a point to offer us another policy that paid five hundred dollars a day for hospital stays. This turned out to be a blessing for us.
When the hospital and doctor bills started to roll in, we were so happy to see how well Reserve National helped to reduce the bills down from their original prices.
Again, I would like to thank everyone at Reserve National that I have spoken to, for being such wonderful and caring people. It is great knowing that my wife is not just a number to you."